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Established in 1986, Tramec started as a manufacturer of bevel helical gearboxes, parallel shaft gearboxes, shaft mounted gearboxes and right angle gearboxes.

Through the years, the product range has been widened to include new and updated product lines i.e. planetary gearboxes and worm gearboxes.

Tramec XH worm gearbox with helicalTramec X worm gearbox
Tramec XH worm gearbox with helicalTramec X worm gearbox

The worm reduction gears come in two series: X and H. The series X, featuring a worm and worm wheel set is available in versions XA with shaft and XF-XC with mounting provisions for motor.

Version XF (bell housing & coupling) offers great versatility to suit a broad range of applications and provides higher efficiency than the compact line XC, where the emphasis is on space efficiency.

Series H offers the same features as series X with an added plus: a spur gear pre-stage at the input end provides higher performance and a broader range of ratios than the X series.

Frame sizes 110 and 90 feature a cast iron housing cast enbloc, whereas smaller sizes use die-cast aluminium housings. The worm shaft is manufactured from case hardened and hardened alloy steel and ground-finished. The worm wheel has a cast iron hub with cast bronze insert. Hollow output shaft is supplied as standard. Output shafts are available.

Broad range of options available: Second input, output flange, single or double extension output shaft, torque limiter with through cable, torque arm.

Tramec R Series Bevel gearbox
Tramec R Series Bevel Gearbox

Available as speed reducers or motorized units.

Tramec T Series helical bevel gearboxes
Tramec T Series Helical Bevel Gearboxes

Available as speed reducers or motorized units.

Tramec N series Mechanical variators
Tramec N series Mechanical Variators

Modular design to suit IEC motor on the input

Suitable for connection to an inline or right angle gearbox for slower speed applications.

Speed variation of 5/1

Tramec Z series
Tramec Z Series

Parallel shaft gearboxes