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Hub City Gearboxes
Hub City Gearboxes

We supply the full range of Hub City Gearbox products.
Hub City make a wide range of worm gear, bevel, parallel shaft and inline speed reducers.

Hub City offer one of the most extensive standard product lines in the industry.

The Hub City Poweratio 2000 high efficiency gearboxes are available in helical inline, helical bevel helical worm and compact helical parallel configurations.

Hub City Gearboxes

Hub City Right Angle gear drives.
Modular Design
90% efficient Gearbox.
Various ratios ranging from 7/1 to 60/1.

Hub City Gearboxes

Hub City Bevel Gearbox Drives.
Spiral or straight cut bevel gears.
Universal mounting gearbox.
Over 25 models.
Ratio range from 1/1 to 7.33/1.

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